My Name is Kate Ulrick ‘née Finn’.

A lot of people research history on their families but never seem to be able to get everything, luckily my family kept track of it back until 1457.

A family tree is a fantastic piece of history to have in your families for future generations, so i have made this page to ensure this keeps going.

I grew up at ‘Tillygreig” Gundaroo NSW with my mother Narelle Carmel Carter (nee Dyce), my Grandfather Peter Leslie Dyce has worked this farm since the death of his parents. Peter still lives here in 2020, Tillygreig has never left the hands of the Dyce family . Patrick Dyce acquired this land in gundaroo when he settled in Australia from Scotland, He named the property “Tillygreig” the same name of the property his family owned in Scotland.

I have posted the family tree on this site. along with some photos and extra information on the family history.


If you have any extra photos or information that you have on the Dyce family please dont hesitate to contact me and i will add it to the site. kate.ulrick@hotmail.com

16 Responses to “About”

  1. Nancy Lee Says:

    Hi Kate, I can’t seem to reach you at your last email address. Where are you now?

    Nancy Lee

  2. bennem Says:

    Hi Kate. Great work – I also am a descendant of Patrick Dyce through another branch of his family (his daughter Margaret who married my great, great grandfather Charles Bennett). Was great to read your notes above and I’ll now have a look at the family tree. I’ve sent you an email with a bit more info if you’re interested. Many thanks. Mal Bennett. (Canberra).

  3. Ann Spencer nee de Vere Says:

    I am also a descendant. My great grandmother Grace Elizabeth Elliott married Robert Archibald Marshall 7 /7/1852. My grandmother Olive Marshall married Richard George Thomas circa 1919. Two children were born Allwyn Isobel 1920 – 1996 and Coral Morwyn 1923 – 1999. Allwyn married Ronald Stuart Murray. Issue being Peter Stuart 1943
    Allison Lee 1947
    Colin Richard 1952?
    Coral married William Ian de Vere 10 /4/ 1943
    Issue being Coral Ann 1948
    Geoffrey Ian 1951
    Martin Paul 1957

    There ia more if you do not have this information

  4. Kate… I am also a descendant of the Marshall side.
    Ann Marshall m. Shelton Smith.
    I think Tillygreig would have been named after the Greig Family from Murrumbateman and surrounding areas.
    My maiden name was Greig.
    could you send me a gedcom of the Marshall Family please.

    • dycefamily Says:

      Good morning Pat,

      Sorry for the late response, “Tillygreig” was named after the property that the dyce family owned in Scotland. When they settled in Australia, this property was purchased and a house was built the exact same as the scottish property and the property name followed on from there.

      Please email me at kate_finn@live.com.au and i can try to help out with any other information

  5. Ann Weir de Vere 64a Gladstone road Perth 6149 Says:

    I am also a descendant. My great grandparents belonged to the Dyce and Elliott families. Grandpa Elliott married Grandma Dyce. I have been to the Scottish Tillygreig and been shown over the house by the mother of the then owner (1998). I also met the son, George but cannot remember at this stage their surname. Ann Weir de Vere
    The email address is only temporary until I have my own computer.

  6. Lindsay dyce Says:

    Hi Kate, I am currently visiting my brother Lindsay Dyce , we have been very interested in all of information regarding our ancesters. Our father William Dyce was the son of Colin Stuart Dyce, who was the son of Walter which was the son of Alexander and son of Patrick. Very interested in any further info you may have. Regards Liz Noack (Dyce). I The

  7. Jim Says:

    Hi Kate,

    I’m researching my family history and have found that my great great grandfather Thomas John Mortlock who came out to Australia as a convict on the Captain Cook 2 in 1832 was assigned to one Patrick Dyce of Gundaroo.

    The sketchy details I have discovered lead me to believe he was a shepherd on the property until he received his ticket of leave in 1841. He married in 1851 and finally settled in Murrumbucka, just north of Cooma where he is buried.

    Congratulations on your site – it’s a fascinating read.


  8. Could you send what you have on the Marshall side as I don’t have much just bits and pieces.

  9. Tim Dyce Says:

    Just wondering if you’re still monitoring this site. Great initiative by the way!

    • dycefamily Says:

      Hi Tim, i sure am i have just found some more information and slowly getting there wth updating, i have also added most of the family tree to My Heritage its great so see everyone elses input. my email is kate.ulrick@hotmail.com email if you have anything you want to get i have a lot that isnt uploaded yet. Can i ask where you sit on the family tree?

      • Tim Dyce Says:

        Hi Kate. I thought I’d replied to this ages ago but it doesn’t seem to show. It’s possible that the family tree you have is the one my grandfather commissioned from a heraldist many years ago – it’s the one that goes back to 1457. At the reunion many years ago I gathered quite a bit of updated info. My dad (John Edward Dyce – he’s now 93) added it to a family tree. It hasn’t really been updated again since then. I’d be really keen to get an current family tree – and of course help with any info we have too. My three adult kids would love it too. Anyway – great initiative! Tim Dyce

      • dycefamily Says:

        Hi Tim, could you email me at Kate.ulrick@hotmail.com I have recently had the original copied and created in PDF that I am yet to upload – i will do that shortly.
        Would love your input to the family tree aswell

  10. Penny Noyce Says:

    My grandmother was a Dyce….Daphne! I remember I think was around 1982 going to the family reunion there! Love the history and just stumbled on this site! A girlfriend just moved to Aberdeen so got my brain thinking about my family history! I have a paper copy of the family tree but this is much better! Thank you 😊

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