Part 1

Starting from 1457

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Family Tree Part 1

Part 2


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Family Tree Part 2

Part 3


Family Tree Part 3

6 Responses to “Family Tree”

  1. C Gleason Says:

    Found your website while hunting for details of my Grandmother Mary Taylor Dyce, b 1904 in Aberdeen. She immigrated to England and married William Iddenden from Canterbury, Kent.
    Your family tree is very impressive. It must have taken a tremendous amount of time to accumulate.
    I still have a long way to go. Better get started.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Olivia Langford Says:

    Very helpful family trees. Thank you.

  3. Grace Hall Says:

    Hey Kate, I am descended from Curtis Dyce through his son Bertram, I have quite a bit to add to the tree if you would like to add the info to the tree where it ends at Bertram?

    I visited Tillygreig and met Peter and Narelle and also visited the original Tillygreig in Aberdeenshire a couple of years ago, it felt like home 😊

    Hope to catch up with you soon we’re 4th Cousins I think

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