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Dyce Family History


“Tillygreig” Gundaroo 1986


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  1. graham jessup Says:

    Eugenie Alice Dyce was my grandmother. I have pics and details of her family that are not on the site & would be happy top send if that is what you would like. An amazing family tree.
    I have always wondered what it was that Patrick Dyce, first to come to NSW , did to have him called “wild” & that he should go to NSW. Also he died so young. Does anyone know the cause of death?

    • dycefamily Says:


      Yes If you would like to send them to me that would be great.

      And also your own Details
      To add to the family tree and I will add
      You on.

      I live at tillygreig the property that he owned. We are the 7th generation on tillygreig. My grandfather Peter Dyce owns it.
      Patrick drowned in the Yass river, which my house backs onto,
      He is buried on the property.
      Hope to hear from you soon
      Sorry it has taken so long to respond!


  2. Kerry Medway Says:

    Hi Kate…Grandpa told me you have done this site. Well done. I have been checking his memoirs & taken several pictures of Tillygreig & Dad & his family. If you would like any of these pics to add to the site, send me your email address & I can send you some interesting old pics. Kerry Medway

  3. Nancy Lee Says:

    Hello Kate
    I hope this reaches you. I am descended from Patrick Dyce;s daughter Margaret. I have just located 2 of Patrick’s Scottish family. One was Robert Dyce born 1788 and died, unmarried in 1857. He had been the Director of the Aberdeen Banking Co and subsequently of he Union Ban of Scotland. that sounds like Patrick’s brother.
    The other was Christian Dyce eldest daughter of John Dyce in Tilligreig who died in 1844 in New Brunswick US. That sounds like Patrick’s aunt. She was married to Robert Allen RN.
    Nancy Lee

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